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Assurgent Medical Staffing is committed to being the most thorough, well-respected, and successful healthcare staffing firm in the country. We are determined to attract the most highly regarded professionals in the industry, to utilizing the most innovative techniques, and dedicated to setting the standard in client satisfaction, all in an effort to improve healthcare throughout the United States.

Our success rate is unmatched within the industry, and we bring to the table some of the best references you will find. We have had success in every facet of physician recruitment, and even the most difficult, sub-specialized search projects have been completed repeatedly by our team of professionals.

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  • Doctors say new rules will worsen physician shortage

    Many specialists are balking at what they say are onerous new rules to get recertified, warning the demands will force some physicians out of practice at a time when the nation faces a shortage.

  • State of Emergency: Overcrowding in the ER [Infographic]

    Whether you’re suffering from a broken bone or a life-threatening illness, a trip to the emergency room is always a scary prospect. But what happens when an ER is faced with more patients than it can accommodate? Between 1995 and 2010, annual ER visits in the U.S. grew by 34 percent, while the number of hospitals with ERs declined by 11 percent. From long wait times to sky-high medical costs, overcrowding puts undue pressure on patients, providers and administrators when efficient, high-quality care matters most.

  • PA Students Tend to Return to Their Roots

    Physician assistants who grew up in underserved areas are more likely to practice in those areas after they finish their training than PAs who were raised in regions better served with medical facilities, researchers reported here.

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